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Live Pure

The smart solution to indoor air pollution.

Clairy is a filterless natural air purifier with an outstanding design and a groundbreaking tech core, handcrafted in Italy and connected to your smartphone.

Breathe a better air, live better.

Study shows that indoor air pollution is 5x higher than outdoors, Clairy helps you prevent and fix this problem for good.

Handcrafted in Italy.

Bring a masterpiece of Italian decor in your favorite place. Traditional handmade craftsmanship meets cutting edge technology boosted by nature.

Natural look, groundbreaking tech core.

Following the results of a 1980’s NASA research, Clairy is a mind-blowing filtration system that boosts the power of the plants by directing toxic agents and pollutants through the roots.

You get a Clairy, we plant 10 trees.

Together with  Eden Reforestation Projects we help making the world a better place and have an impact on carbon footprint.

Generate good air

with the power of nature
- 93 %
Less pollution in your environment
36 m3
Purified area by a single Clairy in 24h

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Premium Edition

Discover the Clairy Premium Edition: the groundbreaking tech of Clairy with an extra touch. Choose between Nero, with an impressive black matte finishing, and Rame, with a bright copper finish.
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Nature Edition

Discover the Clairy Nature Edition: choose the color that suits your style, get in control of the air you’re breathing and help the environment. Choose between Blu Mare, Alabastro, Acqua Marina and Corallo.
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Bill Hettig
Winter Park, FL USA
I installed my Clairy last April and it adds beauty and clean air to my bedroom around the clock. It's the last thing I see when I turn out the lights and the first thing I see in the morning. The beautiful science!
Andy Taylor
New York, NY USA
I’ve fitted my replacement module and it works. Thank you so much for the prompt service. Once again you’ve excelled yourselves for customer care. 5 star product and after sales
Santiago Castillo
Melbourne, VIC AUS
I want to first say that I love my Clairy. What an amazing feat of design and engineering.
Joel Duarte
Richmond, TX USA
Happy to say that all 4 Clairys have come in and are in perfect condition. Love the job you'll did on the packing. Also, love the finished product. They look stunning. Looking forward to getting some plants and setting them up immediately.
Elinor Davis
London, GB
I'm very pleased with my Clairys, which I like much better than my bulky old air purifier! Sending best wishes for success to your company with this attractive, ecologically sound product.
Mike Chiou
Toronto, CA
Setup was easy and smooth. Clairy works as expected. Looking forward to 2nd gen NATEDE and more features to come.

Become part of our green revolution

Clairy is way more than a smart air purifier, discover why.

Filterless. Silent. Water and Energy Efficient

Filterless. Silent. Water and Energy Efficient

Easy. Smart. Connected to your Phone

Easy. Smart. Connected to your Phone

Beautiful design. Handcrafted. Made in Italy

Beautiful design. Handcrafted. Made in Italy


Cutting edge technology with natural superpowers.

Clairy combines breakthrough technology with the power of plants to kick pollution out of your home.
Take advantage (make the most) of the power of plants.

Take advantage (make the most) of the power of plants.

Clairy amplifies the natural properties of the plants by directing toxic agents through the roots of the plant, making your home a healthier place for you to live.

Get in control of the air you’re breathing indoors.

Get in control of the air you’re breathing indoors.

Thanks to its sensors Clairy monitors indoor air quality, temperature and humidity in real time, when the air is potentially harmful it helps you set it right.

Beautiful and easy to use technology.

Beautiful and easy to use technology.

We made it child-proof to use with a unique look. The design is important, not only for the look, but also to improve the air purifying performance.

“Clairy is a product that merges IOT with smart living”


“In light of the concerns over indoor air quality, this natural means to help reduce pollutants may one day become commonplace in homes and offices.”

The Huffington Post

“Clairy, a company based in San Francisco, aims to sensitize people towards green ethics and healthcare issues through the use of a simple, recognizable and innovative product.”


“Clairy is a little house plant in a Venetian ceramic pot with one important bonus: it can suck the toxins out of your air.”

Business Insider

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