The perfect synergy between nature, technology and design

Clairy is a smart Natural Air Purifier, powered by Nature and Technology, that monitors and reduces indoor air pollution

Your amazing & beautiful natural air purifier

Clairy is your Wi-Fi connected smart flowerpot – with the Clairy app you have access to real-time pollution analysis, as well as humidity and temperature monitoring. The best thing is that it’s all natural, it has NO FILTERS to replace.

- 86 %

less pollution in your environment

36 m3

purified area by a single Clairy

Improve the quality of the air you breathe with Clairy

Improve the quality of the air you breathe with Clairy

Recent studies have shown that indoor air pollution is up to 5x higher than outside air pollution.

We spend on average 90% of our time indoors, therefore the air quality, temperature and humidity level affect our environmental comfort.

Reduce indoor air pollution levels and monitor environmental parameters with Clairy.

Living plants and their associated microcosms (soil and microbiome) have the potential to improve IAQ and at LINV we are studying these mechanisms.

LINV, International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology

Improve your health with Clairy

Improve your health with Clairy

The World Health Organization has listed indoor air pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health. Breathing clean air in your home or office decreases the risk of asthma and allergies, increases concentration, improves sleep quality, and much more.

Healthy air is seen as essential a human right as clean drinking water and enough food for all.

World Health Organization

Add a touch of design to your home with Clairy

Add a touch of design to your home with Clairy

Clairy is handmade by Italian ceramic artisans, and thanks to its different color finishes it matches any home or office style.

Clairy is proudly a Made in Italy design product.

Hybrid, green and innovative. Clairy is a smart flowerpot designed to live in harmony in several ambients, domestic and many more.

Icon Design


Acquamarina, the modern color but with a vintage soul. Innovation and design but with a look to the past, sensations and emotions of the old days that we can rediscover. Clairy Acquamarina with an old record player gives the perfect touch to every modern tech house.
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Blu Mare

Blu Mare, deep and intense. The perfect Clairy for every situation, it will bring calm and peace to your house but also energy thanks to its wonderful sea blue. Fits perfectly every decor with style and elegance, a must  for a real design lover.
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Alabastro, classic never goes out of fashion. Fits every style and room, a must for your house. Years go by and trends change but Clairy Alabastro always gives the right touch, its color fits perfectly every house.
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Nero, strong and firm. Ideal for a house that wants a minimal and essential decor. Made with the special technique called “Terzo Fuoco” only crafted by the best Italian artisans. The matte finishing makes it even more elegant and classy. Clairy Nero will change every room of your house, making it modern and stylish.
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Rame, the perfect color to give a luxurious touch. Made with the special technique called “Terzo Fuoco” only crafted by the best Italian artisans. The magnificent finishing of Clairy Rame will make it the most astonishing design object of your house. Your guests will be amazed by it and you won’t be able to stop looking at it.
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Corallo, the fresh and pop color. Perfect to give a racy touch to your home turning it into fun and games. Clairy Corallo brings light and happiness to your house, like a sun beam after the rain.
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Cutting edge technology meets nature

Clairy connects to Wi-Fi and through our app

Clairy is a smart flowerpot, it connects to Wi-Fi and it can be managed with a proprietary app that works with smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the Clairy app, consumers will have a real-time experience, and you can manage your Clairy remotely, wherever you are.

You have real-time pollution analysis

Thanks to our latest generation sensor, Clairy tracks VOC’s in your air, the most common pollutants in closed spaces, and gives you feedback to help you breathe better and stay healthy.

Temperature and humidity on your app

Along with air quality, temperatures and humidity are very important factors to ensure a good environmental comfort. With Clairy you can monitor these parameters easily with the app.

Clairy loves Nature and it advances a better World

We’ve formed a strong partnership with Eden Projects, a non-profit organization that helps reforest the world in developing countries.

They’re great not only because we can all benefit from more trees and better air all over the world, but because they do it in developing countries, giving hope to the less fortunate.

We donate 10 trees for every Clairy sold, so that we can all benefit from more trees and better air.

Find out about Eden Projects

“Clairy is a product that merges IOT with smart living”


“In light of the concerns over indoor air quality, this natural means to help reduce pollutants may one day become commonplace in homes and offices.”

The Huffington Post

“Clairy, a company based in San Francisco, aims to sensitize people towards green ethics and healthcare issues through the use of a simple, recognizable and innovative product.”


“Clairy is a little house plant in a Venetian ceramic pot with one important bonus: it can suck the toxins out of your air.”

Business Insider

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