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Clairy sets out to increase quality of life by developing simple easy-to-use smart products that combine technology and design with a keen attention to the environment.

Our mission is to make technology more human. We want to redefine the relationship between people, technology and nature to find the perfect balance to live in synergy with all these elements.

Our story

Clairy is the company that created something that did not exist before, blending nature, groundbreaking technology and Made in Italy design.

Our products, Clairy and Natede, amplify the purification powers of plants to eliminate indoor air pollution. They also analyze the air thanks to a dedicated app and a monitoring system equipped with latest generation sensors.

Born from a graduation thesis in Industrial Design, Clairy has been launched at CES 2016, in Las Vegas. We have been selected from Plug and Play, one of the most important incubators of the Silicon Valley for a three-month incubation period.

Soon after that, we launched the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, that was a huge success: €250k raised so far with great media coverage on Wired, Millionaire, Business Insider, and others. The same year, Clairy also won the prestigious European Design Award.

Clairy is a unique product that takes care of the interior air: it measures the level of the pollutants present and purifies the environment by eliminating the volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde.  And it needs no filters.

Clairy has an exceptional ceramic design with a cutting-edge technological heart and is equipped with a dedicated app to monitor air in real time.

In 2017, Clairy won the “Horizon 2020” European Commission call for tender with the Natede project: an investment of 2 million euros that have highlighted the high quality of our company’s ideas.

In April 2018 the Kickstarter campaign of Natede was launched, our second product, which collected almost $ 1 million in 45 days with over 5 thousand pre-orders.

Natede is the most funded anti-pollution product ever and has been awarded the German Design Award.

Natede is the first natural air purifier ready for the IoT, equipped with an incredible photocatalytic filter that lasts forever and which also eliminates viruses, bacteria and significantly reduces odors.

Clairy launched in 2016, has achieved incredible success
Selected for a 3 months Acceleration program
Raised €260k in 30 days. Reached €400k on other platforms
From private investors
G20 Germany 2017 finalist best enterpraneur award
Grant from UE
European product design award
Clairy selected to represent worldwide enterpreneurs during Global Money Week 2018
Partnership with Dutch Ministry of Agriculture
Partnership with Iren Spa
Winners of the Bosch startup competition
Almost 1 million $ raised in 45 day
Winners of the european innovation council sme instrument pitching contest for the democratizing manufacturing category
Invited as a case study at annual conference
Awarded as ambassadors for innovation activities in Riyadh
Winners for smart home category
German design award winner 2019

The team

A team of talents determined to change the world.