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6 easy ways to have a sustainable life

In our blog post about The Earliest World Overshoot Day Ever we asked you to join the green revolution. Maybe you’re thinking that it’s too difficult or that you can’t make a real difference, but isn’t true. Here you are some super easy ways to have a sustainable life and to care about your environment.



Have you ever thought about how do you use water? Every day we spend about 80 to 100 gallons of water every day per capita (source) and 95% of this goes down the drain. So here you are how you can make a difference: while you brush your teeth, close the faucet off. In fact, while running you can waste up to 4 gallons of water each time.

If you have any water leak, don’t wait until it gets worse, call the plumber! You can save up to 2700 gallons each year.



Don’t go solo. Travel with friends or organize a car-sharing. Otherwise, try cycling and walking. You’ll burn calories and reduce carbon emissions!



The waitress has just brought you a new steaming plate and you have already eaten too much? Ask the doggy bag. You’ll eat it tomorrow.

And also: drink tap water instead of bottled one. Use water bottles BPA free. Usually, the most recommended are those made of glass or steel.



Bring your bag while shopping and try to avoid more packaging that you’ll throw as soon as you’ll arrive home.


Energy saving hacks

Use efficient lightbulbs, such as LEDs. LEDs use about 75 percent less electricity, so you’ll save money also from your electricity bill! Don’t forget also to turn your devices off and unplug them when you’re not using them. In fact, even if devices are turned off, they keep drawing power.


BONUS: donate a tree

We work with Eden Reforestation Projects and for every product sold, we donate 10 trees. We care about the environment as we worked a lot to avoid emissions and we are so proud that our products are green. Our natural air purifiers are respectful to the environment in multiple ways: in the use of natural materials, in the lack of added harmful glues, and in its sustainable dismantling at the end of its lifecycle. A sustainable life it’s possible, and you can start with these simple steps!



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