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Avoid these 5 mistakes and your plants will last forever

Everyone loves plants and everyone has at least one plant in their home. If you don’t, maybe you want to discover 5 magical plants that purify indoor air and make your life better. 🌱 Moreover, you are doing some mistakes with your plants! But don’t worry, we are here for you.

We don’t have to be an environmental psychologist to understand that plants look attractive. But dig a little deeper beneath their beauty and you’ll discover that the benefits of interior landscaping go far beyond the aesthetic. 

According to the Stennis Space Center, plants eliminate toxic agents in the air that could be linked to colds, breathing problems and even cancer. There are many reasons to have a green friend in your life, in fact, plants:

  • Help reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being, improving your health
  • Improve air quality by providing clean air
  • Enhance concentration and productivity
  • They boost your mood


Plants are mood boosters

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Are sure you are taking proper care of your plant?

Having a plant in your house or office needs time, special attention, and a lot of love. We know how it usually goes: you saw this lovely plant, you bought it and now… it’s dead. Don’t worry, we are here to help you! Here are 5 common mistakes that you’ve likely made (at least one of them) with your plants.


1. Watering your plant too much

“Are you thirsty? One more glass of water, just in case”. Noo!! Stop it. We know you are trying to give it tender loving care, but go easy on the water! When you buy a plant ask the florist what its water needs are, all plants are different. An easy way to tell if your plant needs water is to touch the soil: if it’s too dry it’s time to water it. If you don’t know what to do, pick up a plant that doesn’t require a lot of water like the Snake Plant or Aloe Vera. We know that a plant needs all the time, this is why Clairy, our air purifying system that uses plants as a filter, has a self-watering system. You can almost forget to water your plant! 😜


2. Moving it too often

It’s a plant, not an object. As we said, every plant is different and has specific needs: sunlight, water, humidity, temperature. You can’t move a plant from a dark place to direct sunlight, or from indoor to outdoor. Did you know that plants also suffer from temperature changes? They are just like us. If it loves a warm and humid environment, don’t place your plant in a cold and dark room. Don’t to these mistakes to your plants! When you have found its ideal and special place, let it rest there.


3. Not regularly trimming it

Raise your hand if you’ve made this mistake. Be honest, we will not tell anyone. Removing dry flowers and trimming leaves is a great habit. Your plant will thank you by growing stronger and more beautiful. For example, remove dry and yellow leaves from your Bamboo Palm or your Kimberly Queen Fern. Gerbera Daisy needs more attention instead. You should cut the branches that are too long in spring and don’t forget to prune it after flowering.


4. Not monitoring color or root changes

Plants can’t tell you when something is wrong, but they give you clear signals. So, you should always check your plant and keep an eye out for a change in the leaves, the roots or the soil. Any color change or irregularity in the roots indicates that the plant is not growing well for various reasons such as parasites, fungus or exposure to the wrong temperature. The parasites that attack most frequently a Dracaena are the ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae) which form round, white and gray scales on the leaves and stems.


5. Low exposure to sunlight

Most plants need two essential things: water and light. Make sure that your plant is in the right place so it can have the right amount of sunlight. Plants need sunlight and nourishment. If your plant doesn’t like sun exposure, don’t place it directly under sunlight. Place it in a room that is bright enough and it will be super happy. But what happens if you place your plant in the office? Don’t worry, plants need light, no matter what kind. So, if you don’t have direct sunlight in your office your plant will be happy with artificial lights. If you want to learn more about it check our blog post about 4 plants with superpowers that boost your productivity at work.


Be prepared when you will receive your Natural Air Purifier. Don’t make these mistakes with your plants and breathe clean and fresh air.

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