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Fighting Against Indoor Air Pollution: Clairy on Forbes France

There is a huge problem nowadays that most of the people don’t even know they need to fear: indoor air pollution. Up to 5 times more polluted than outside, homes and offices are packed of pollutants that are extremely dangerous for our health.

As we spend about 90% of our day in a home, school or office, it is critical that we take the problem indoor air pollution seriously and fight against it.

Fighting pollution is one of the major environmental priorities. If external pollution is well identified, indoor pollution remains unrecognized and therefore little fought. In order to allow a better living environment and a better health, Clairy appears as a great invention that fights against this critical yet subtle, almost invisible problem.

That’s why 3 friends decided to create Clairy and started the company: to improve the quality of the air we breathe, to have an impact on the planet, to live a better life.

“This has been an incredible journey so far and we aim to do even better” Paolo Ganis (Clairy CEO) stated to Forbes.





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