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The Earliest Earth Overshoot Day Ever

“Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when all of humanity have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year.” (Global Footprint Network)



Every year we’re using more of our planet than what we have: we’re using 1.7 Earths.

This figure calculates the number of days in which the biocapacity of the planet is enough to sustain our ecological footprint, based on our demand for resources.

The results of our global overspending like deforestation, overharvesting, overfishing, and production of more carbon dioxide than the ecosystem can absorb, lead to severe climate changes, such as wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, desertification, fresh water scarcity, biodiversity loss, etc.


Our planet needs your help.

If we are able to move back the Earth Overshoot Day by 5 days every year, in 2050 we’ll return to using the resources of less a planet. Key areas to work for the most important improvements of the sustainability are:

  • Food
  • Cities
  • Population
  • Energy

You can make a difference too

Each of us can take immediate action. You can also calculate your footprint on Earth here.



We care about the environment

We’re not only keen on produce fresh new air. Our products are also based on the “Circular Design Economy” concept. In fact, Natede are made of sustainable design that thinks about our future: they don’t output Ozone because they are all natural and because we worked a lot to avoid emissions, the self-watering system keep plants poured avoiding water spills and they use natural materials, in the lack of added harmful glues and in its sustainable dismantling at the end of its lifecycle.

And we also plant 10 trees for every product sold thanks to a partnership with Eden Reforestation project.


Join the green revolution, get your Natede, now!



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