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What do we breathe at home? 10 easy tips to get rid of air pollution

Big, small, cozy, rustic, luminous… all houses have their style and furniture. But they produce also lots of pollutants that you and your beloved ones breathe every day!

Don’t worry, here you are some super easy tips for getting rid of indoor air pollution.


Ban smoking

Tobacco, cigar smoke and other combustion sources (oil, wood or also gas and kerosene that are used for cooking and for the fireplace) are great producers of Carbon Monoxide. Smoke outside and open full ventilation while cooking or while the fireplace is warm.


Reduce humidity

This is one of those simple tips to eliminate indoor air pollution that is super easy to follow. Check if there are leaks of water because it encourages mold and dampness.v


No food no worries

If you throw away the food on the bin often, you’ll have fewer problems with infestations. In particular, cockroaches produce allergens and other substances that may aggravate allergic reactions, so keep your organic waste covered and change it often.


Natural born polluters

Did you know that furniture or cabinetry (compressed wood above all) naturally produce pollution? So, if you have it remove carpeting while cleaning and wipe down the kitchen every time you use it, you’ll ease during the cleaning day.


Here comes the sun

Every morning open the window to refresh the air in your bedroom, the sun will help to eliminate dust and mites and with fresh air, you’ll sleep better during the night.


Eliminate odors, don’t cover them

Don’t use scented candles or air fresheners, because they will not clean air, but only masking it.


Don’t forget to clean air ducts

They are often a source of pollution, especially dust.


Pay attention to your pet’s hair

Use the vacuum cleaner more than once a week during the pack of dogs or cats and before that, wash or brush them to remove dander and passing hair.


Unhealthy cleaning products

Do a little research to find out if your products are producing pollutants (like formaldehyde or ammonia) such as bleach, dishwashing liquid, dry cleaning chemicals, furniture polish or oven cleaners. Pay attention that even the greenest ones may not always be safer than others.


Produce new clean air

Buy Natede, it can increase the fresh air you and your beloved breath thanks to the power of plants and the new photocatalytic filter that eliminates also bacteria, virus, PM2.5, and odors.


The post is over, but you can write us other tips that we can add by email or on Facebook!  Enjoy your living in your lovely house 😉



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