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Why Clairy is the best holiday gift you can buy

The holiday season is coming and everyone knows how hard is to find the perfect holiday gift! The tacky sweater? Another pair of socks? It’s time to change your habits, this year you have the opportunity to give a present that helps your health and the environment. So, why you should add Clairy to your holiday wishlist?


Breathe a better air, live better.

Some studies show that indoor air pollution is 5x higher than outdoors, Clairy helps you prevent and fix this problem for good. Following the results of a 1980’s NASA research, Clairy is a mind-blowing filtration system that boosts the power of the plants by directing toxic agents and pollutants through the roots.


Handcrafted in Italy.

Clairy is handmade by the best Italian artisans. Thanks to the knowledge of years passed from father to son, the traditional handmade craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology boosted by nature.


The holiday gift that helps the environment

This year treat yourself and your loved ones with the best natural holiday present. Clairy is a smart and natural air purifier that monitors your indoor air quality and eliminates all the toxic agents from your air. Studies show that indoor air pollution is 5x higher than outdoors. This is impressive, uh? Clairy helps you to prevent and fix this problem.


But what is the best one for my girlfriend? Which one should I give to my dad?



Blu Mare

Your design lover friend will love Clairy Blu Mare! It perfectly fits every decor with style and elegance. They will love to have a Clairy in their home as it’s 100% Made In Italy and handmade by the best ceramists. What will make your Clairy Blu Mare so special? Because every piece is unique!

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Clairy Corallo is the perfect gift for the funnier friend. This Clairy will give them new clean air and it will give a fresh touch to their homes. Clairy is a smart air purifier that helps you to improve your well-being and thanks to the self-watering system it will help you to save water.

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Are you looking for a stylish and luxury gift for your girlfriend? Clairy Rame will add a special touch to her homes. It’s energy efficient, extremely quiet, and created with a special technique called “Terzo Fuoco”. Handpainted with love.

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And for your mum? Don’t worry, we have the perfect Clairy for her! Years go by and trends change, but Clairy Alabastro always gives the right touch, as its color fits perfectly every home. Your mum will not stop looking at it. But this isn’t only a wonderful smart object to have in your house, with Clairy you can get rid of dust, mold, VOCs and other dangerous indoor pollutants.

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Clairy amplifies the natural properties of the plants by directing toxic agents through the roots of the plant, making your home a healthier place for you to live. Clairy Acquamarina is the ideal gift for your grandparents that love houseplants. You’ll make a wonderful present that will take care of their health. Moreover, it doesn’t have filters to replace! Super easy.

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Clairy has also tech sensors that communicate with an app, so you can check directly the levels of humidity, temperature, and VOCs with your smartphone. With the Clairy app, you are also able to turn it on and off whenever you like, set a timer, and look at the air quality during your week or last month! Your boyfriend will love a total matt black Clairy.

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This year show to the people you love that you really care about them. Make a green decision for the holidays, buy Clairy as a gift, the most amazing natural air purifier.

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